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Head Teacher's Message 
Head Teacher's Message

Dear Parents and Carers


I have the pleasure of introducing the Hollybrook Academy Website. The purpose of the website is to provide you with information about our school, assist you making choices about secondary education and give you an insight into the ethos and practical aspects of Hollybrook Academy.

In Hollybrook we support pupils with Additional Learning Needs to get the most out of school in a supportive, nurturing and ambitious setting. Our Staff and pupils are committed to making learning enjoyable, meaningful and useful.

The website will give you a lot of information about our school and should be of use to you throughout the year. A Website cannot provide you with a full picture of a school but hopefully the information contained will provide an overview of the environment in which our pupils thrive. Please feel free to browse our social media channels (Facebook/ @HollybrookAcademyGlasgow and Twitter @HBAcademyGlas) or contact the school directly to discuss any questions you may have.

Yours Faithfully

Jackie Newell and Allison Macleod

Headteacher and Head of School


Contact details:


Mrs Jackie Newell, Head Teacher: gw07newelljacqueline@glow.sch.uk

Mrs Allison MacLeod , Head of School : gw10macleodallison@glow.sch.uk

Mrs Mairi Barrett, Depute Head Teacher: gw10barrettmairi@glow.sch.uk

Mr Cavanagh, PT BGE S1-S3: gw10cavanaghmatthew@glow.sch.uk

Mr Craig Milne, PT Senior Phase S4-S6: gw10milnecraig@glow.sch.uk

Miss Kate Manzor, PT Employability; gw22mazorkate@glow.sch.uk

Hollybrook School App 
Hollybrook School App
Contact Details [3] 
Contact Details
Hollybrook Academy

135 Hollybrook Street

Glasgow G42 7HU

Head Teacher: Mrs Jackie Newell

T: 0141 423 5937

F: 0141 422 1394

E: headteacher@hollybrook-sec.glasgow.sch.uk