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The main aim of the music department is to provide a space where young people can express themselves through performing, creating and analysing music.

Staff Names

Mrs Sharkey

Mr McBride


The Department

The music department is very well resourced with 2 PCs and an Interactive Whiteboard. There is a variety of instruments including keyboards and drum kit. The music department makes extensive use of music software , Youtube and hardware including iPads.

What your child will learn?

S1 – S3 Broad General Education

Pupils will learn skills in playing the Drum Kit, Keyboard, Glockenspiel, Guitar and singing.   

There will be opportunities to create music using various technologies.

Pupils will learn about different types of music to widen their understanding of music styles and different cultures.

Pupils analyse music to understand why music is used in different contexts, including how music makes you feel.  Pupils will learn about performance skills and what makes a good performance.

S4 – S6: The Senior Phase

Where pupils choose to continue learning music, they can progress through a variety of Music qualifications appropriate to their level of skill and ability.  Pupils will continue to develop skills and knowledge in music through creating performances. These include singing, dancing and playing instruments, rehearsing, performing and then evaluating performances. Pupils will also use a variety of software and hardware to create and produce music in context and at live events.

How will your child learn and be assessed?

The teacher will assess the work done.

Pupils will talk and write about things they have read in class.

The teacher will listen to pupils talking alone and in groups.

Pupils will create CD of all their performances and music created, which will be assessed by the teacher and SQA.
Pupils will self and peer assess all elements of the course.

Wider links/achievements in learning

Hollybrook Academy has a well-established choir who perform at various events within and out-with the school. Locations include Silverburn, Kelvingrove Art Galleries and the local community Christmas lights switch on. We also have senior pupils who DJ at our school discos. Pupils get many opportunities to enjoy watching performances at the City Halls and Royal Concert Hall and watching the school band Ultimate Sensation in live performances at Behind the Noise and Glasgow Battle of the Bands. The Music Department is involved in the Christmas show, which this year is 'Hollybrook's Got Talent'.