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Physical Education


Throughout S1-S3 pupils will experience Broad General Education where they have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding in activities such as Basketball, Swimming, Fitness and Athletics.  In line with the new curriculum, National 2,3, 4 and 5 are on offer for the current S4, S5 and S6 pupils, with  Sports Leaders 4 and 5 alongside the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award for senior pupils.




Mr Milne (Faculty Head)

Mrs MacLeod

Mrs Fotheringham

Miss Melvin

Mr Lumsden

Mr McVey


The opinions of pupils in Hollybrook are valued and therefore pupils are very involved in their own learning throughout the PE department.  To enhance understanding and meet the needs of each individual a variety of teaching methods are used throughout the blocks of work. Over the year pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities, these include Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Cricket, Dodgeball, Circuits, Netball, Relaxation, Yoga and Summer Games. Our pupils also have opportunities to take part in Track Cycling and Kayaking.


Making Connections in Their Learning


As Hollybrook is a small close networking school the opportunity to manage successful interdisciplinary projects is high.  The PE department currently delivering an extensive Outdoor Education program, in line with governement guidance, to ensure our pupils remain active during this restricted period activity. Pupils in the BGE will complete the John Muir Award and some senior pupils will work towards the Duke of Edniburgh Bronze award, both awards being supported by colleagues in the Science Department.



How Your Child’s Progress Will Be Assessed


Pupils are continuously assessed in PE (teacher evaluation, self/peer assessment, video assessment). Pupils will be assessed throughout each of the activities.  TheMulti Stage Fitness test 3 times a year to allow pupils to track their level of fitness.


How Your Child’s Progress Will Be Reported To You


Daily pupil tracking is used by each member of the PE department, this information will then be used to provide pupil tracking data alongside PE Log Books (S1-S3).  This information is sent home once a year.  Individual report cards are completed once a year to provide more detail on the progress of each child.


All pupils have the opportunity within school to be involved in a number of lunchtime clubs, these are Basketball, Football, Dance and Fitness.  We also attend West of Scotland tournaments/events throughout the year. 

Some of the events include:


  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Cycling events
  • Boccia
  • Football
  • Cycling
  • Netball
  • Dance