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The English Department is an enjoyable, rewarding place to work for our young people. In all areas of the curriculum we seek to develop confidence and enthusiasm, and the English curriculum has been tailored to develop pupils’ personal skills in all aspects of communication by involving them in a range of stimulating, purposeful and enjoyable activities. The English Department provides a balanced programme of reading, writing, talking and listening and places emphasis on developing pupils’ language skills and contributing to their intellectual, emotional and social growth through a broad range of learning experiences.

Staff Names

Mrs Newell (Faculty Head)

Mrs Marie Bonner

Mr Noel Wray

Mrs Louise Harley

Ms Frances Auty


What your child will learn

Aims of the Course

Being able to read, speak and write in clear English is the key to success in many aspects of life and work. Skills in English are important in many school/college subjects and essential in many occupations. This course provides reading, writing, talking and listening. These activities enable your child to improve and extend thier communication skills and also help them to enjoy the English language in prose, poetry and drama and media texts.


Pupils from S1 to S3 follow a broad general education using programmes of work based upon the experiences and outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence.  Pupils will learn to understand and analyse a range of different texts, learn how to create texts of their own, and take part in regular, reflective discussion about their learning.


From S4 to S6 pupils follow courses from the new National English qualifications. In addition to these courses, the English department also offers National Qualifications in Media and Drama, Core Skills Communication and Problem Solving, and a range of ASDAN certification. We will continue to add new qualifications as they are made available in order to ensure personalisation and choice.


Pupils at all levels will take part in regular revision in order to consolidate and improve their language skills. Pupils from S1-S3 will study basic Literacy as part of their Broad General Education and in S4 pupils will begin a National Literacy qualification at the appropriate level.


How your child will learn


The English Department aims to offer our pupils the widest possible range of learning experiences opportunities. Collaborative learning and individual study are encouraged in equal measure as is the importance of both following the curriculum and developing learning based on personal interests.



How your child will be assessed

In S1 we ensure pupils are working at the appropriate level through analysis of a range of information; this includes a diagnostic assessment of reading and comprehension, our experiences of working with the pupil during the Primary 7-S1 transition period and key information provided by Primary 7 teachers, parents and carers.


Each term pupils are provided with a set of learing goals which are tailored to the individual needs of the class. Assessment takes place on a daily basis as pupils are encouraged to evaluate their own work and that of their peers. These natural opportunities for assessment accumulate to provide a more precise representation of a pupil's progress whilst reinforcing and supporting learning.


Self assessment is encouraged through the use of traffic light sheets outlining individual learning goals, and daily tracking during which pupils assess their own contributions and achievements.


In S4-S6 pupils are assessed according to the SQA guidelines and using Unit Assessment Support materials for National Qualifications. Recommendations are also followed for the assessment of learning in ASDAN courses.


Pupils will build a folio of their work during the school year which is used to reflect on achievement and progress, and to provide evidence for learning outcomes. Digital evidence of talk and creative projects such as film making will be held centrally and assessment will be recorded by the class teacher.


All National 1-4 Qualifications assessment evidence will be internally verified and cross marked by a team of teachers to ensure consistent standards across the range of qualifications offered.



Wider links/achievements in learning

The English Department enjoys links with a diverse array of partners including local businesses, libraries, theatres, cinemas and creative arts companies.


Our Media and Drama courses continue to develop new links across the community in order to allow our pupils the opportunity to practice their skills and develop their learning in new and unfamiliar contexts.


In the past year we have established relationships with the Citizens Theatre and Glasgow Film Theatre in order to provide our pupils with experiences of cinema, drama and literature outside the classroom.