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i am a former pupil - Lori Connelly 05/06/2016 19:27:48
I am a former pupil of Hollybrook School, I left in June 2009. My favourite subject at school was business studies. All the teachers were and are amazing but my favourite were Mr Lawrie, Mr Cannon and Mr Mckean (even though I hated maths. I got various opportunities of heading straight into work when I left school but I spent about 5 years in college doing various courses, and I'm proud to say I have been employed with the NHS for 2 and a half years.

Former Pupil - Stacie 17/12/2014 11:34:21
My time at Hollybrook was good because the teachers helped and supported me through my years at the school. They helped me to get my qualifications that I needed to do my current job.

Former student - Aman - Aman 15/05/2014 09:56:10
I left Hollybrook during summer 2011.

While attending this school I did not just undertake assessments and exams, I also did a lot of practical work which involved organising events, participating in school choir, going on residential stays and much more. This broadened out my thinking and enhanced my skills for different types of working environments.

My favourite subjects at school were administration, maths and English as these subjects provided that goal focused training and the teachers teaching these subjects, Mr Wray, Mr Cannon and Mr McKean, were really passionate about teaching.

During my last year at school I really enjoyed P.E and also realised the importance of keeping fit and healthy. My passion for sports and fitness has increased and has became a hobby. So thanks for that Mr Milne!

Since leaving school I have completed an NC in legal services, an HNC/HND also in legal services. Currently I am studying a law degree at university West of Scotland

To the students at Hollybrook Always belief in yourself, if you do, you are half way towards achieving your goals.

I would also like to thank all staff for making school a very worthwhile experience for me


ex Janitor - Bob Carrigan 16/04/2014 10:16:20
Just happened to find this sight great to see the old school doing so well. Been 16 years this June that I retired from there good luck to all the staff and kids.
Regards Bob Carrigan Janitor 1987 to 1998 had great time there.

Former Student - Aqib 19/12/2013 04:48:46
I left this school approximately 5 years ago, and I enjoyed my time there as a pupil, and I must say that it has been a positive experience. The determination of teaching staff never decayed since they were extremely passionate about teaching and solving problems that pupils may face. My favourite subjects were maths, physics, chemistry and business, and those subjects were well taught due to the incorporation of good quality books, practice times, after school teaching clubs, learning trips and various of other teaching methods.

The teachers within this school deserve a ‘pat on the back’ for their excellent and award winning teaching methodologies. Over the last few years, I’ve witnessed investments in technologies to exploit pupil’s desire for technologies in order to provide a ‘memorable‘ learning.

Despite being an special education needs establishment, they know how to put a pupil in a higher educational institute with solid set of skills. Due to the solid teaching of mathematics, I went to a college straight after leaving to study computing and mathematics, and I managed to expend my skills to electronics and mechanical engineering (HNC in both), and I then eventually entered university for a maths and physics joint degree programme and for an elective in chemistry.

The sports I have done in this school are basketball, football, badminton, swimming and much more. I quite enjoyed sporting events, and I wish the very best for new pupils.