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Leadership Team
Job Title Name   Day to day responsibilies           Additional Responsibilties                  
Head Teacher Mrs Jackie Newell Faculty Head of English, Overall running of school Fire Warden, Asbestos, Child Protection, Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Staffing

Hollybrook Leadership Team

Deputy Head Teacher Ms Libby Roberts Faculty Head of Mathematics, Promoting Positive Behaviour, Primary Transitions , Pupil Support Fire Warden, Risk Assessment , CPD Co-Ordinator
Principal Teacher/Acting HT Mrs Allison MacLeod Faculty Head of BEIT, , Timetabling Fire Warden, Risk Assessment
Principal Teacher (Acting)

Mr Sharkey 



SQA Co-Ordinator

House system

Principal Teacher Mr Craig Milne Faculty Head of PE& PSE, Pastoral Care S4-S6, Attendance and timekeeping

CP, ICT, HWB, LAC Co-Ordinator

Principal Teacher Mr Matthew Cavanagh Faculty Head RME and Science, Pastoral Care S1-S3, Attendance and timekeeping CP, LAC Co-Ordinator
Principal Teacher Mrs Mairi Barrett Faculty Head Social Subjects and Home Economics, Pupil Tracking, Timetabling College Placements and Transitions
Principal Teacher Ms Irene McNally   Faculty Head Home Ec, Music and Art Work Experience, YPI, SfLW, DYW