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Scribbles by Hollybrook

Scribbles by Hollybrook is a Social Enterprise company established in January 2014 by the 3rd year pupils of Hollybrook Academy. It is run by pupils but facilitated by Mr Cannon and Mr Brown. The purpose of this Social Enterprise is to frame and sell pupils’ artwork.

All profits raised from the sale of pupils’ artwork will be given to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital and Hollybrook Academy’s school fund. Almost all of the 18 pupils in the class have been treated by Yorkhill at some stage in their lives. This is their way of giving something back.


After many months of planning and preparation, Scribbles was launched on Monday the 2nd of June at Impact Arts’ Eco-Chic Boutique. The event was officially opened by Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council and also attended by Maureen McKenna, Head of Education for Glasgow. Money was changing hands within minutes of the opening and Glasgow’s newest art dealer is already comfortably in the black. The launch was also attended by representatives of IKEA who are working in partnership with Scribbles. More information available here:


Building on their new-found success, Scribbles by Hollybrook will be launching a showcase of their art at IKEA Glasgow on Monday the 23rd of June. All items on display in the IKEA Restaurant will be available to buy. Please see the display for further details.


The pupils at Scribbles would like to thank all the people and organisations who supported their Social Enterprise as it grew, from a simple idea, into a business which will make a difference.