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Useful Links

Please click on the links below to visit these useful websites.

A section specifically about Internet safety can be found towards the bottom of the list.

BBC Revision Site

Learning Resources for Home and School

BBC's news for children


Story writing with inspirational words

A very extensive site with lots of information

Photographs and information about the U.K.'s ‘minibeasts’ and other animals

Satellite pictures of destinations on earth

View space through a telescope

Easy web search for children on many school topics – USA

Primary and Secondary Resources

Find numerous rhyming words from the Rhyming Dictionary

Play some interesting, and fun, number games

English & Maths – all ages. Good Games.

All about the UK Parliament.

Lively typing course for children

Create your own word clouds. Fascinating for young and old.

 Websites with information on Internet Safety for parents and children:

A very good place for parents to start. It is a video covering all aspects of Internet safety, and if you click on the HomePage button at the bottom, you can get more detail on some aspects.

How to order a copy of the video in the previous link.

Smart Adventure Videos for younger children.

Includes links to other resources.

Includes the link to downloada Blog Safety Document.
How to keep safe while chatting online. Webonauts Internet Academy - An online space game for young children.

Website about Digital Citizenship.

Very thought provoking video about cyber bullying. Suitable for parents and children at the older end of the school.

Information and short videos for older children.

American esafety site. May be of interest.

American - parents page.

American - lots of activities for all ages.

American - but lots of activities for all ages.