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Business and ICT


Ms Heffernan

Mr Munro



There are three ICT rooms in the school. One is a dedicated BEIT classroom with audio visual technology to support learning and teaching and is equipped with business machinery. The other two are used across the school. We have thirty computers, two interactive whiteboards and a range of additional ICT hardware. Recent changes have included the introduction of coloured keyboards, tablets and mobile phones.


What your child will learn


S1               Business Education and Information Technology

First year pupils undertake a programme of eight workbooks designed to build basic competence in using computers and computer software. Great emphasis is given at this stage to accessing and using the internet safely. Pupils will learn how to use computers appropriately and safely in school and at home.


As they progress through the year pupils will build confidence in using the following software packages: Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. They do this through the use of projects with various contexts for learning.


Pupils will learn the about the role of business in society and why they exist. They will also consider different world economies.


S2               Business Education and Information Technology/Computing

Second year pupils will continue to build upon their ICT skills and will gain increased competence of MS Word and MS PowerPoint. They will also be introduced to Microsoft Publisher and either a choice of Serif Web Design (to create and publish websites) or computer programming (to create games).


Pupils will learn how businesses are formed and run. They will do this by studying Scottish and International Entrepreneurs and how they became successful.


S3               Business Education and Information Technology/Computing

Pupils will continue to build their ICT skills by learning Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets) and Microsoft Access (database). Pupils will study how to start up and run a small business and will do this through running a social enterprise business. Pupils will select an activity which is relevant to their identified personal qualities, skills and interests and contribute them to the social enterprise. Pupils will then ensure that their activity is carried out according to their business/action plan. During this time they will enter national business competitions which will generally involve them visiting business premises and having guest speakers visit the school. When learning how to operating a business pupils will study topics such as Business Ethics and Fairtrade.


S4 –S6       National Qualifications in Business/Admin and IT/Computing/Core Skills include:


  • Business  National 1 and 2
  • National 3 Business in Practice

Administration and IT

  • National 3 Administration and IT
  • National 4 Administration and IT
  • National 5 Administration and IT


  • National 2 ICT Applications (Internet and Multimedia)
  • National 3 Computing Science
  • National 4 Computing

Core Skills

  • Core Skills ICT National 1-5

The department’s certificated provision allows for progression vertically and horizontally dependent upon each child’s individual ability level and preferences.

The pupils of S4-S6 operate an electronic office where they offer a range of office services to staff. This not only provides them with much needed ‘real’ experience but also gives them the responsibility of managing their own workload. This has proven to be a real success for the pupils who are assisted by a range of useful office machines.

How the children will learn

Pupils have access to a range of teaching/learning resources tailored to meet their individual needs.

Pupils will meet people from Business and Social Enterprises.

They will take part in role play and create presentations relevant to the course.

They will visit Business premises.

Pupils will utilise the ICT resources of the school and go on the internet to find information.

How your child will be assessed

Pupils are continually assessed in BEIT by their teacher and their peers except at National 5 and Higher where they will be externally examined.

For our SQA courses our summative assessment uses a combined approach. This approach allows more time for teaching and learning as the assessment is specially designed by SQA to facilitate this.

Pupils will also be formatively assessed by their peers and will learn from the assessment process. Pupils  will be encouraged to self assess their work and performance with a view to improvement and understanding how they are progressing in BEIT. Feedback on learning is given from their teacher to help them improve their learning.

Wider links/achievements in learning

Below are our S3 Business pupils visiting the City Chambers as part of a National Competition, we will also be visiting a local Subway sandwich store. This allows them to see some of the theory from the classroom in practice. The visit focuses on Marketing and Operations and allows pupils to see how the products are created and then marketed for sale.