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Hollybrook School Lunch Payment info 2020

Why can’t we use cash for school meals?

As part of the Scottish Government’s advice and guidance to help reduce the spread of coronavirus our families and staff are being asked to reduce cash handling as part of the school’s risk assessment.
During the 2020/21 school year we will be introducing an online payment system to make it easier for parents and carers to pay for all school activities including school meals.
This will however take a bit of time to roll out across our schools and nurseries. As a short term solution we have organised for schools to use a bank transfer system for the online payment of school meals.
Please be reassured that no child or young person will be left without a meal – the school will contact families to allow them to catch up on the payment.

Free School Meals

Children and young people whose families meet the criteria for free school meal entitlement will continue to receive a breakfast and school meals with no change. You can find out more information at

How Payments can be made

From the 17 August our schools will no longer be able to accept cash for school meals to reduce the potential spread of the virus.
Parents will be given the bank details where money can be transferred for the advance payment of their child’s school meals.
Families who don’t have a bank account can visit a bank and pay in person over the counter – they will need to take the council’s bank account details and their unique reference to be able to transfer.
Parents can choose to purchase a set number of meals. To reduce the administration it would be very helpful to purchase in sets that are equivalent to weekly, monthly, etc. However, we recognise that this may not always be possible.
Payment Rates are £1.90 per day and calculations of weekly, monthly and term cost are below, based on attending 5 days per week.
If your child only needs a school lunch two or three days a week then you should try to purchase in multiples as indicated below as they are not day or date specific and will roll over each week during term. You can also adjust this throughout the term.


Please click the link below to access the latest information about how to pay for school lunch this year.